Rohey Malick Lowe
Rohey Malick Lowe Mayor City of Banjul Banjul, Gambia


Rohey Malick Lowe was born and raised in Banjul, Gambia, where her father, Alagie Malick Lowe, was a onetime Mayor of the capital city of Banjul. A position that she is presently occupying today as the first female Mayor of her city, Banjul.
She has established her own successful business in the tourism industry. She lived for some time in Sweden where she studied International Relations at the University of Falun.


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The implementation of new technologies is increasingly fundamental for governments and brings the opportunity of improving structural challenges faced by the administration. When welcoming technology into governance, citizens need to be put at the center of smart city strategies to improve service quality, enhance the level of public trust in their government and drive better citizen outcomes. How can the public and private sector work in a closer collaboration to redesign public services? How can governments best capture the wider benefits that digital transformation can bring to people and society?


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