Patrick Pang
Patrick Pang Chief Technology Officer National Environment Agency Singapore Singapore, Singapore


As the Chief Technology Officer of the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore, I lead NEA”s Environment Technology Department in the strategic management of NEA’s research and development plans and project portfolio, I also oversee NEA’s Systems Integration Department, which is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of technology systems across NEA.


Save to calendar 19-11-2019 15:00 19-11-2019 15:45 Europe/Madrid Circular Economy & Innovation in Waste Management

Some trends are clear. There will be more people in the world, we will be a more urbanized society over time, urban societies will consume more resources per capita, many resources will be scarce and the environmental cost of creating virgin resources will soon be too much for the planet to bear. This is why a circular economy is such an appealing concept.

This session will put its theoretical model to practical realizations with examples such as territorial initiatives between different agents in order to impulse the circular economy in the region, different ways of manage waste and turn it into a sustainable fuel, innovation projects for switching to a circular economy model. We will also see how can big infrastructures as ports or building succeeded to become smart.

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