Mike Barlow
Mike Barlow Journalist and author Cumulus Partners Fairfield, United States of America


Mike Barlow is an award-winning journalist and prolific author.
He is the author of Learning to Love Data Science and coauthor of Smart Cities, Smart Future.
He is also the author of many articles, reports, and papers on topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data visualization, digital transformation, and IT architecture.
He is a licensed private pilot, avid reader, and enthusiastic ice hockey fan.


Save to calendar 19-11-2019 12:45 19-11-2019 13:30 Europe/Madrid Data Visualization and Civic Indicators

Data is the new currency of change in the cities. However, until now, it is still a resource that has not yet taken full potential, especially from city governments. Proper planning, collection and management of data will be key to the future of cities.

This session will go through multiple practices that are being used in cities regarding the management of data. We will see how AI can be used to develop citizens metrics for designing liveable cities but also best practices of digital transformation in public safety.

South District Agora
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