Miguel Eiras Antunes
Miguel Eiras Antunes Global Smart Cities Leader Deloitte Lisboa, Portugal


Miguel as Deloitte Global Smart City Leader.
He also responsible for the Future of Mobility, Future of Cities, Future of Tourism and Future of Health initiatives in Portugal and is a member of Deloitte’s global leadership teams in these areas.


Save to calendar 20-11-2019 10:00 20-11-2019 11:00 Europe/Madrid Cities Spearheading the Global Green Revolution

Regardless of their number of inhabitants and geographical features, all cities are already being impacted by the effects of the climate crisis, and therefore need to advance towards higher adaptation and mitigation to avoid more disastrous scenarios. To achieve it, every citizen matters and small-scale opportunities are essential when solving the greatest environmental challenges. How can cities become the leading actors when helping to create a greener future? How can governments take bold actions towards locally fostering the green revolution? 

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