Mateu Hernández
Mateu Hernández CEO Barcelona Global Barcelona, Spain


CEO of Barcelona Global, a non profit independent association made up of 1.000 members with the mission to make Barcelona one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity. International expert on local development, has been advisor of cities like NY, Oslo, Torino or London and the Smart City Congress and the OECD. He has been the CEO for economic development for the city of Barcelona and CEO of its local development agency.


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Talent and companies are the deciding factor in achieving the goal of the Smart city: to create a better future for their citizens. The cities that are making the most difference are those with a strategy for creating, attracting and retaining talent. Which is the best approach? What kind of talent and companies do we have to attract? What are the consequences for our citizens? Are we reducing the inequalities and creating new opportunities?

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