Marie-Angélique Schott
Marie-Angélique Schott Project Manager Astredhor (EST HORTICOLE) Roville-aux-Chênes, France


Experimentale Manager at Est Horticole(ASTREDHOR) since 2016 after a Master’s degree in ornamental horticulture . Since she started to work at Est Horticole, she in charge of experiments in a wide range of topic going from plant production to urban agriculture, soil depollution and energy saving. She is partner of NEW Interreg project which named GROOF, and is about reducing CO2 building emission by implement greenhouses on rooftops.


Save to calendar 21-11-2019 09:30 21-11-2019 11:30 Europe/Madrid Urban Food & Agriculture: Bringing Nature Back to the City

The potential of fostering food and agriculture within urban areas is transversal and far-reaching. It brings an opportunity to strengthen urban-rural linkages, advancing not only towards smart cities but also smart regions. As 80% of all the food that is produced is already consumed in cities, and considering the current unprecedented levels of urban population growth, how can agriculture in cities ensure lower emissions and higher food security?

Urban Environment Room
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