John Farmer
John Farmer CTO NYC Mayor's Office of the CTO New York, United States of America


John Paul Farmer is the Chief Technology Officer for New York City. Previously, John was a Managing Director of Microsoft Cities, where he led a team to build partnerships and design technology products that make urban communities more livable, more productive, and more sustainable. He served as the Senior Advisor for Innovation in the Obama White House, where he co-founded and led the Presidential Innovation Fellows program.


Save to calendar 19-11-2019 16:15 19-11-2019 17:00 Europe/Madrid How to Turn Technology into a Force for Inclusion?

Unintentionally, technological advancements have brought a higher social divide in cities, and the time is now to reduce such gap. Local authorities have a key role to play in reducing economic and educational inequalities through facilitating a higher access and skill development for all their citizens, but how can they ensure equal access to digital opportunities? How can governments define best practices to lower the digital social divide? Only when all citizens have the same access to technology will societies be able to advance as one.

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