Jesús García López
Jesús García López Deputy Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Smart Cities Chihuahua Municipal Economic Development Chihuahua, Mexico


20 years of business consulting experience, 10 years of experience working for the city´s Economic Development Office. Developer of a financing model for entrepreneurs in the city of Chihuahua through which more than 300 projects have been financed. Developer of business incubation and accelerator methodologies for local start ups. Chihuahua Smart City coordinator.


Save to calendar 20-11-2019 15:45 20-11-2019 16:30 Europe/Madrid Living Labs & Strategic Collaborations

The Living Lab enhances collaboration in an open innovation ecosystem between public and private sectors, research and innovation activities in communities, with the help of various approaches, instruments, methods, and tools.

This solution talk will provide an overview of different Living and Urban Labs worldwide that, through collaboration and cooperation between different stakeholders, have succeed to bring some innovations in the city.

Central District Agora
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