Giuseppe Sala
Giuseppe Sala Sindaco Comune di Milano Milan, Italy


Giuseppe Sala has held positions of responsibility in both the private and public sector, gaining important professional managerial experience. He was CEO of the company managing the World Expo Milano 2015 and Commissioner of the Government. His love for Milan and his willingness to make it a fairer, more international and more attractive place led him to commit himself to politics. He was elected Mayor of Milan in June 2016.


Save to calendar 19-11-2019 15:30 19-11-2019 16:00 Europe/Madrid Cities Leading the Paradigm Shift in Urban Mobility

How can cities collaborate to foster the urban mobility needed to make urban spaces more livable? What are the challenges associated with leading this paradigm shift, and what are the cities of Barcelona and Milan doing to face them? How can initiatives such as the EIT Urban Mobility accelerate this positive change on mobility?


Save to calendar 19-11-2019 16:00 19-11-2019 16:15 Europe/Madrid Launch of EIT Urban Mobility

As a continuation to the Mayor’s dialogue, this session presents the new EIT Innovation Community in urban mobility: its principles, aims, and key stakeholders.

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